15 Signs You’re A Musical Theater Enthusiast

1) Your profile pic has been a pic of you in full animal stage makeup.MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA









2) You have at least 12 songs on your ipod called “Overture”.

15 signs2







3) Bobby pins everywhere.

15 signs3








4) You know the familiar empty feeling you get when you wake up the Monday after a show closes.  
15 signs 44






5) You use the number 24601 in at least one password.
15 signs5









6) You know the difference between a single, double, triple, and turning quadruple time step.  And can do at least one of them perfectly.  … And usually do them during awkward moments in life. 
15 signs6






7) You have typed “I can’t.  I have rehearsal😦 ” in at least 45 different texts.  

Sometimes you wonder if there is a whole world out there that you’re missing out on… Nahhhhh… the rest of the world is missing out.  not you :-) 
15 signs7






8) You’ve landed a triple pirouette and then yelled “DID ANYONE JUST SEE THAT??” 
If a dancer lands a triple pirouette in the middle of a stage and no one is there to see it… does it still count?
15 signs 8









9) Nothing gets you ready to hop into action like someone yelling “5-6-7-8!”
15 signs8







10) You will often ask a question like “do you mean house right or stage right?” even if the direction in question has nothing to do with the stage.  

15 signs10









11) You have no fewer then 5 Behind the Scenes Selfies on your instagram account.  
15 signs11









12) When you’re college hunting, you do extensive research on the school’s theater program and make sure that non theater majors can audition for shows.  
15 signs 12






13) Girls: You know whether you are an Elphaba or a Glinda
Men: You know whether you are a Jean Valjean or a Javert

15 signs 13







14) You have an extensive collection of playbills and programs from shows you’ve seen and performed in.
15 signs 14








15) You are completely comfortable being referred to as your given name or your character name (even after the show is over).  
15 signs 15




Yup.  I made 3 Les Mis references in one post.

About spotlighttheater

Spotlight Youth Theater is a non-profit, educational children's theater arts program for students ages 5-18 in the Aurora, Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kenosha (WI), Lake, McHenry, Milwaukee (WI), Oak Park, Orland Park, Rockford Metro and Will County areas. Each area offers theater summer camps and kids' theater classes, kids' acting classes, kids' voice classes, kids' dance classes, improv and theater specialties.
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